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Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information submitted or collected in connection with the „Event ID“ app, included „Christopher Batsch Development Website“, „Apple App Store“ and „Google Play Store“.


Christopher Batsch Development (“we,” “us” or “our”) takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy policy (“Privacy policy”) explains our data protection policy and describes the types of information we may process when you install and/or use “Event ID” software application for mobile devices (the “App”, “our App”).


When we refer to personal data (or personal information) we mean any information of any kind relating to a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to such data.


It is a natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his or her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social status.

Our Privacy policy applies to all users, and others who access the App (“Users”).

For the purposes of the GDPR, we are the data controller, unless otherwise stated.





We do not sell any of your personal data to third parties.




The information you enter in the „Event ID“ app (for example, name or income) will only remain on your devices. No data is collected and stored in any other location. You provide the personal information only when you send an email to Christopher Batsch Development, which concerns any content or attachment to the email. Christopher Batsch Development treats your personal data by the current industry standard.“,




The personal information you send and provide by email to Christopher Batsch Development will not be shared with third parties and will only serve to enhance the „Event ID“ app and support users. Christopher Batsch Development reserves the right to disclose your information due to legal regulations or the exercise of our legal rights.




The information you enter in the „Event ID“ app can be deleted at any time by uninstalling the app. At any time, you may request the deletion or inspection of the information you send by e-mail.





Our e-commerce provider (Apple / Google) is responsible for billing, processing and charging for the in-app purchases, handles your personal information and keeps it absolutely safe and secure. We cannot access or use you credit or debit card information. You may access the applicable “in-app” purchase rules and policies directly from the app stores.




This app uses banners from various advertising partners. The displayed banners are links that are linked to pages of the advertising partner. By clicking on the banner, the user is directed to the affiliate page through a browser. The ad inserts use the AdMob service provided by Google Inc. The service collects personal information such as device IDs, GPS data, demographic data and more. to show ads that are relevant to you. For more details on the data collected by Google AdMob, see the Google Privacy Policy.

If you don’t want third-party service providers to use to personalize ads on the basis of your interests please follow the instructions below:

Choose option "Limit Ad Tracking" on your iOs device in Settings/ Privacy/ Advertising, please find additional information here:; 

Choose option “Opt out of Ad Personalization” on your Android device in Settings/ Google/ Ads.





When you use the App, some information about your device and your user behavior may be processed automatically. This information is generally non-personal, i.e. it does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual, and we may access it only in aggregated form. We process this information on the ground of our legitimate interest in improving our App and giving our users the best experience. If we do not access such data we may not be able to provide you with all the features of the App.


We use third-party automatic data processing technologies to analyze certain information sent by your device via our App (advertising or analytics tools). Some of them launch automated processing of your personal data, including profiling, which means any form of automated processing of personal data used to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to you, in particular to analyze or predict aspects concerning your personal preferences, interests, behavior, location or movements (see the list of data described below). Processing information through automatic data processing technologies starts automatically when you first time launch the App.


Ad-related information. The following data might be reported about the ads you can view: the date and time a particular ad is served; a record if that ad was “clicked” or if it was shown as a “conversion” event; what the ad offer is about; what type of ad it is (e.g., text, image, or video); which ad placement is involved (where the ad offer is displayed within the App); whether you respond to the ad. 


In-app events. When you use our App, analytics tools automatically record your activity information (tutorial steps, leveling up, payments, in-app purchases, custom events, progression events, method of limiting the processing of user data).


Information provided automatically to advertising or analytics tools does not generally come to our control, therefore we cannot be responsible for processing such information. Please mind that some services are engaged in personal data profiling and may obtain information related to your personality and/or your device by using technologies that do not belong to our scope of responsibility. In case when your user ID is linked to your Facebook account, Facebook may use your device information in association with categorized data that were already recorded in its databases (eg. your age, gender or other demographic indication). We do not control, supervise or stand surety for how the third parties process your personal data, that might be collected by their own means (not through our App). Any information request regarding the disclosure of your personal information should be directed to such third parties.




Please be aware of the country's privacy laws and privacy policies by emailing personal information to Christopher Batsch Development. Privacy laws and privacy policy may vary from country to country. Please read and accept the „Event ID“ Privacy Policy before sending an email to Christopher Batsch Development. If you believe that the way Christopher Batsch Development processes your data does not meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, you can file a complaint with a regulatory agency.




Please read and accept the „Event ID“ Privacy Policy before sending an email to Christopher Batsch Development. If you believe that the way Christopher Batsch Development processes your data does not meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, you can file a complaint with a regulatory agency.




Christopher Batsch Development does not collect or maintain information from users who are are younger than 16 years old. The „Event ID“ app is not designed to arouse the interest of anyone under the age of 16.




You can contact Christopher Batsch Development at




This Privacy policy is updated regularly.

Whenever we change this Privacy policy, we will post those changes to this Privacy policy and other places that we consider appropriate. Additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances may be provided to you.






1. Draft DSGVO requirements

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